Burned Oak 1

Burned Oak 1


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500 years affter the Othern King tore down the ramparts of the walled city of Holthar and renamed it Jericho, his dream of a mankind reconnected with nature falters and sputters like a guttering candle flame A strange, conflicted culture has sprawled from the confines of old Holthar like a blight on the landscape. Few of the Othern King's Old Earth customs survived the ensuing years, and the neo-chivalrous traditions that rose to replace them are not viewed by all as an improvement. The cults and shadowy factions that defined Old Holthar's identity have gone underground, practising their dark arts far from prying eyes.

Bread and circuses are still the chief means of controlling a restless populace. Blood sports like the Battale arena battles are more popular now than they were in the Othern King's day. The shelf-life of a professional gladiator is inevitably short, for as their list of kills grows longer, so too does the number of bereaved relatives seeking vengeance ...