Big Foot Adventures Down Under
Big Foot Adventures Down Under

Big Foot Adventures Down Under


Maggie Meyer

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Out of the dawn of Man they came; the huge, hairy, monstrous ape-men of the aboriginal myth and legend. They haunted the more remote, mountainous forest recesses of the Australian continent, as well as the inhospitable open country of the vast interior…

They are ‘megastralian’ monster-men of both myth and reality who come from a time, lost so far back in the mists of the past that their origins can at present only be guessed at. Yet they lived – for they have left evidence of their former presence, in the folklore of our aborigines, as well as in their massive stone implements scattered across the country, and in the often monstrous foot prints they left to fossilize into rock as they journeyed across the landscape of this timeless land…

Excepts from ‘Giants From the Dreamtime – The Yowie in Myth and Reality’ – Rex Gilroy.


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