Become a Game Changer

Become a Game Changer


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Make more, work less and build the business of your dreams. That’s the lifestyle we all aspire to. Admit it. To date that may have proven elusive, but Become a Game Changer provides you with a blueprint for your future success. This is the best opportunity you’ll ever have.
Mark Brigden, Business Coach and Strategist

“I was lucky enough to read a preview whilst on a trip to the US and loved it. I won’t wait to get
back to Brisbane to use his strategies: I’ll use the technology AND ideas Mark has raised in this
book! Well worth the investment of time to study. I’ve had previous dealings with Mark where he
helped grow a business of which I was a Director many times over—if you are looking for someone
to help you grow your business, Mark’s your man!”
Geoff Orr, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

“Wow, this book shows Mark is a true visionary providing strategic input to develop cutting edge,
online delivery methods. I can’t wait to implement his suggestions. My mind is still buzzing
with excitement.”
Dawn Parker-Jones, Boutique Salon Business Coach

“Mark transformed me from trading my time for dollars through a steep learning curve up to an
online entrepreneur. He got me out of my comfort zone and steered me with his knowledge of
tools and resources. I now have another 5 programs in the pipeline and can honestly say that
I am doing something that I love! I know for sure that none of this was possible without Mark. If
you want only a quarter of the satisfaction that I have, engage him!”
Roly Mosse, Creator of The Trim Factor

“Wayne Gretzky is famous from the ice rink to the boardroom for his strategic ability to ‘skate to
where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been’. Become a Game Changer is packed with
solid gold tips, examples, and links that will tantalise the entrepreneur inside you and train your
brain to seek and develop those game-changing opportunities that can transform your own life.
This thought-provoking book will help you to find your spot on the ice.”
Joanne Verikios, Author and Entrepreneur

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