Always Noah's

Always Noah's


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The Western Australian Series.
Eternally Mia’s (Book 1), Forever Noah’s (Book 2), and Always Noah’s (Book 3).

Noah strives for his future by taking it day by day, and hour by hour. His soul has been ripped apart at the seams, but he has his forever in front of him if he just reaches out to claim it.

Is he strong enough to take a chance again and go after the woman that he loves?

Is it possible to be happy after everything that he's been through?

Love hasn't been kind to him so far. Why would he expect any different now?

Occasionally love is forever, and eternity does exist, but can it be true for them?

Noah needs to fight to convince the woman that he loves that she needs him as much as he needs her, or will the past make it impossible for them to have a future?

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