Adventure Story

Adventure Story


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1848—a time when thousands of Euro-settlers are pouring into America seeking a new life. A romantic era before train travel and telegraph lines, an era that will fire the imagination of generations to come.

Helmut Schmidt, his sister Ingrid, and their badly wounded father Ferdinand narrowly escape the violence of the Baden Revolution in Germany, and board a ship, the Bark Franklin, bound for New York. Helmut is an extraordinarily bright, adventurous boy and cannot wait to begin his adventure, so he meticulously plans his escape to ‘go west’.

Helmut meets Eli, a rugged, fur trapper and trader who has been adopted by a Native Sioux tribe living inside the Minnesota Territory. Eli is returning from a humanitarian mission to Washington, D. C. intended to expose the unfair treatment of the Native Indian Tribes.

Adventure Story is a fun, authentic story with many colourful characters. Join Helmut on his journey west, and meet each character as their part in the story comes to life. Hardship, a hint of romance, and a touching ending for the two strangers who started it all in motion.

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