A Snowflake’s Chance in Hell

A Snowflake’s Chance in Hell


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A good Aussie read and a tonic for modern Australians!

Foreign ownership, environmental suicide, declining productivity, mass immigration, terrorism, the mismanagement of our nation and political correctness are all topical issues! Written during the brief Prime Ministerships of Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull; (Is that all?); Australians are dissatisfied with the politics of both parties of the ‘duopoly’. It is a crisis! Within every crisis is an opportunity. This is ours!

In the 2016 election year, this is a timely Australian book release! It will inform, challenge and clarify. It will motivate and unify. It may change your life! It may change Australia! It may save Australia!

This is a call for a new Australian leadership; a truly patriotic, representative leadership from active, supportive, patriotic, grass-roots Australians! It is a call to you! Australia must win its democracy! Read before you vote!

About the Author:
Robert Dickson is a home-grown patriot. Born in rural Queensland, he later received his BHMS (Sports Science) at UQ and co-authored scientific papers in swimming research. He represented Queensland and Australia in Sprint kayaking, but his passion for science-assisted coaching was dampened by amateurism and sports politics. Later experiences brought him face-to-face with the entrenched ‘political’ system that pervades all Australian life. Here, what started as a Patriot’s poem written to air frustrations, developed into a search for why this great nation is so self-destructive … and how to save it.

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