A Mystic Heart & Mind
A Mystic Heart & Mind

A Mystic Heart & Mind



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My pocket book of poems

Born of Lebanese heritage, a first generation Australian, opening my eyes to what they call ‘the land down under’. Raised from humble beginnings, nurtured with grounded morals and ethics beyond an educated reach, further influenced by the treasured creativity through my parents, ancestors, famous artists and poets alike.

In realising my own creative flair in expressing myself through poetic form, ‘A Mystic Heart and Mind’ is an expression of my adventures thus far, filled with truths, tribulations, and a relentlessness in search for the impossible answers to life’s most mysterious ways.

 My dream is to bring my visions to life through expressing my feelings and hopefully encouraging others to live through their dreams.

Life is made of the footsteps we choose to take…

It is only by freeing your heart and mind you will realise that if you don't spread your wings, you will never know how far and high you can fly.

 Wildfire x


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