48 in Fifty Two: Growing Slowly in Faith and Getting Real

48 in Fifty Two: Growing Slowly in Faith and Getting Real


Dennis Camenzuli

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When was the last time you decided to make a significant change in the way you live? Do you remember the last time that you were impacted by a sermon or devotional that led to actual change in your life?

48 in Fifty Two is designed to help you “get real” about your personal relationship with the God of your salvation. It’s a book of commitment that puts the responsibility for your growth in faith back into your hands. In 48 in Fifty Two, you will find Bible passages to read, pages where you can express your thoughts, questions that guide and probe your heart, devotions to challenge you, spaces for recording the decisions and plans you make, and a diary to keep you on track.
It’s more than a devotional. It’s a record of your personal walk that helps you chart your growth to lasting change.

Why only 48 weeks out of fifty two? Because part of being real is knowing that we all need (more than) a little grace.

One passage. One week. One aim.
To be transformed.
Are you game?

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