The Noriega Tapes
The Noriega Tapes

The Noriega Tapes


Lance Karlson

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Names like Castro, Hussein and Gaddafi have all haunted the Western world, but none has invoked as much fear in the White House as Manuel Noriega. Unlike his fellow tyrants, the power of Panama’s most notorious criminal came not from brutality, but blackmail.

A series of secret tape recordings of his dealings with American officials and the CIA became a thorn in the side of the US until 1989, when the government’s patience finally ended. As legend has it, these tapes were destroyed in the bombing of Noriega’s headquarters. But what if they weren’t?

When an outspoken critic of the Noriega regime is murdered in 1985, the investigations of a fledgling Canadian journalist lead him into the sordid underworld of the CIA. His quest is rekindled a generation later, when a spirited English dancer learns of her mother’s previous life in Panama.

The mysteries of two generations blend into a thrilling chase across the Caribbean, where outrageous yet real events lead to a shocking truth that threatens to bring down the highest ranks of the White House. 

"We all have our secrets, and Noriega knows them all" 

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Edras Rivera
Compelling and Original

A well composed mystery novel. I was drawn to the character of Rafael. His clashes with Jenna and his development during their adventure across the Caribbean was relatable and amusing. I would like to know what happens to him after the conclusion in Panama. My only criticism would be the novel's pace. It is fast and suited to those who like a lot of action and twists.

George Panucci
Fascinating thriller

Excellent read with clever twists based on history. It was a great video trailer too

Rollercoaster ride through Central America

This book is set in a number of places. There's Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba. And also the UK. I loved the scenes on the motorbike going through the coffee plantations and the descriptions of the architecture in Cuba. You feel drawn into the scenes and the descriptions of the scenery, the tropical weather etc. and want to visit these places! There's a lot of action maybe more than I usually like but it wraps up neatly in the end with a lot of twists to do with the characters that I didn't see coming. Would recommend to anyone interested in Central America, corruption and true events!

Alison Partridge
Masterful thriller with intriguing speculation

A beautifully written, highly entertaining read! I do remember these periods in history and this reminds me of a lot of things that happened that got swept under the rug. It made me think of the current story of Jamal Khashoggi.
This was surprisingly descriptive and cinematic. It does feel like something with an accompanying Netflix series.
Two tales set a generation apart are told in a clever, intertwined way that makes it feel like one chronological story. Characters' relationships are revealed slowly and expertly, leading to a terrific ending! Really loved this, a very well-written and clever story!

Ludmilla Sneesby
Ludmilla Sneesby's review of The Noriega Tapes

Extremely powerful and exciting story based on true facts. The characters are both fictional and factual throwing a humanistic dimension to the story.

We go back to 1985, where in South America we find brutal regimes, dictatorships, corruption and mayhem and the clandestine involvement of US officials and the CIA.

We go forward to the present time, when a mother is murdered. Her daughter embarks on a mission to uncover the truth, entangling her in a mesh of secrets and mysteries she has to unravel.
This book went beyond my expectation, a "Can't put down". Exciting and thrilling, captivating the audience.
Would absolutely recommend
I loved it!