Universal Life Lessons

Universal Life Lessons


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Susan Ball’s new book Universal Life Lessons from My Brilliant Blue Bohemian Butterfly brings to life the remarkable legacy of a woman, Anna Rose Paas, who through her determination, courage, and joy of life, touched people’s hearts and enabled them to find inner peace and love. Her purpose was to make a difference to this world and she did. Anna was born in 1985 with a very rare condition, Ring 22 Chromosome Abnormality. She defied the odds and lived far beyond her life expectancy with her condition. The stories woven into Universal Life Lessons from My Brilliant Blue Bohemian Butterfly give an insight to how she overcame her challenges and give hope to everyone that, from birth through to death, their wishes for a good quality of life can be honoured, regardless of their circumstances. ‘I trust the eighty-five universal life lessons from my brilliant blue bohemian butterfly will provide you with clarity on your journey by stepping into our world and seeing through Anna’s specific lessons and others that are more general such as engaging in community, focusing on your qualities and gifts, taking control of your own decisions, and embracing difference. If the universal life lessons change one person’s life—then this book has served its higher purpose.’

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