The Road Divided

The Road Divided


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The Road Divided: Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, What’s the Difference? is a concise, useful guide that compares healthy and unhealthy relationships. This book talks about the controlling behaviours and also the Cycle of Violence which can occur in an unhealthy relationship.

This easy-to-read guide is aimed at teenagers but is also useful for adults of any age who feel that something is ‘not quite right’ with their relationship, or for anyone who feels they may be in a controlling, unhealthy relationship.

Bethany Fortuin-Hathway has a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. Bethany has also had extensive training in interpersonal and social issues. She has worked for the government sector in child protection and has also worked for Lifeline as a telephone counsellor. Bethany continues to provide counselling and facilitate education programs from her Lower North Shore office in Sydney, Australia.