Destined to be ... ME

Destined to be ... ME


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Kate Worsfold wrote Destined to be ... ME based on her fifteen years of being in a domestic violence relationship. Kate understands all too well the difficulty of leaving a DV relationship, and then revoking the decision to retreat and return. Over the years, she found herself leaving and going back several times, until the day she decided enough was enough and it was time to craft her true destiny. Kate found that the fundamental part of her journey moving forward was finding herself and learning to trust in herself again.

Filled with personal stories shared by DV survivors, practical exercises, and links to motivational videos and music therapy, Destined to be ... ME is designed to empower women who have been in these shocking situations. Throughout this book, you will learn how to let go and overcome, get back in touch with the original you, and learn how to set boundaries in relationships and friendships for the future.

If it is healing and restoration that you need or reassurance that you ARE an amazing and beautiful woman who is built for greatness then Destined to be ... ME is for you!

Kate is the founder of Wings of Destiny, which provides support workshops for women who have experienced domestic violence. Kate is also a public motivational speaker and helps those who have faced life’s challenges to find their self-confidence and inner power and become the Masters of their own Destiny! For more information, visit their website:

‘I have learnt to be on guard, to trust my instincts, to stop and listen to it, to analyse then make a decision. I am in control over my attitude, my choices, my feelings and my values. I own them. They are mine. Today, most importantly, I learnt to FORGIVE myself, because the decisions made under the trauma I have experienced does not define me. Now I know! Now I am free! This is my life ... Thank you, Kate.’
- Katrina

‘I will wake up tomorrow happy, energetic, and full of life. Thank you so much, Kate, for being there and guiding me through this journey of self-discovery.’
- Emma

‘The journey is not over. The hurt is not gone. And it will always be there. This will always be a part of me. But there’s a difference between it being a part of me and having it control me. I now have a sense of empowerment, proud that I left and broke the chains and cycles. And the beginning of learning to love myself again, not for anyone else but just for me—because I deserve it!’
- Lauren