Gala: The Screams
Gala: The Screams

Gala: The Screams



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Thirteen year old Gala is an Aboriginal boy terrified by dreams that he is unable to get back into his own body. With great effort, he succeeds only to wake up screaming. He finds that he is not the only person on the planet to experience these nightmares. A dream research agency helps Gala understand his affliction. Upon waking, he recalls completely the events he has witnessed while dreaming. He discovers that, not only can he control his dreams, but he becomes aware of his true identity and other-worldly abilities.

Gala learns that his sixth sense and resulting occult capabilities have resulted from the anthropological god genetically modifying primates into human existence. Now the gods worry that humans have developed god-like powers that rival their own. The gods instil unrest and social discord among the human population in an effort to curb this growing threat to their dominance.

Gala meets others who exhibit occult capabilities. Tom, Gala’s helper, creates a mythical creature called a Togolosh while dreaming. Mgoli, Matabele and Wireless are Two-toes, both from Africa, who have differing and powerful occult capabilities. Then there’s George, a young Aussie who is murdered, yet teams up with Gala as a ghost.

Knowledge of Gala’s capabilities become known to various military and commercial interests who envisage using Gala as a metaphysical spy. Gala and his mates are now under both metaphysical attack from the gods and physical attack from humans out to destroy them.


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