The Harris Sisters

The Harris Sisters


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If you were stuck in a boring and lonely life, but suddenly your world was turned upside down in a single night…

Would you accept the adventure and take the ride?

Would you embrace the chance to escape and become somebody whose actions could affect the entire world?

Or would you mourn the loss of your ordinary existence after seeing the world as you know it in a different light?

These are the questions the Harris sisters must answer.

When one family’s secret reveals an unknown danger, it uncovers a world where the terrifying things children see in the dark are not just shadows or the result of an overactive imagination, but the very creatures they imagine them to be. In this world, reality and fantasy become the same. Every day humans are hunted like prey and battle to survive. Love is cruel, betrayal is real, and evil presents itself around every bend.

It all comes back to one night and the chance to change the life you wished away. It all begins with a secret; a treasured possession, which was found quite by accident.