That Certain Smile

That Certain Smile


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Life begins in Karratha, North West Australia for Sam and Niall, and their desolate years are forgotten, as the wonder of being in love together settles their world, at last. Their family increases and Sam’s medical prowess is celebrated throughout the Pilbara region. Perils in the Pilbara continue to make their lives both challenging and excitement packed, back then in the mid 60s. But, no distress they have already faced, could prepare them for what they must now confront.

Lainey May is an author and artist, living in Australia with her husband and family. Lainey has published two prior books, Even the Land Cries! and A Time and Place. Her unique experiences regarding the life and culture of the outback and its people inspire her writing. Her journey through breast cancer in 1999 ensures her latest novel That Certain Smile portrays a frank, telling, yet hopeful perspective on the disease. Lainey’s sharing of this novel, and her continuing literary career, has been a part of the process along her restorative journey.