Tree of Light - Your Underground Guide to Freedom
Tree of Light - Your Underground Guide to Freedom

Tree of Light - Your Underground Guide to Freedom


Jaki Rigg

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Every-one of us lives the best life we can. But unbeknown to us, hidden deep
underground in places we have failed to perceive of, exist subconscious beliefs that hold us hostage to an enemy who steals from us every day. Planted often before we can count to ten, these negative beliefs influence our thoughts, govern our feelings and dictate our choices. We wind up living stunted, contaminated lives yearning for peace but not finding it.
Freedom requires that we live aware of what is going on underground in our roots, that we recognize lies we have believed about ourselves, others and God and have exchanged them for The Truth.

But how do we do this? How do we identify lies when they have defined us for so long? What do we do with these lies once we have found them?
How do we know what Truth is and where do we get it?
Once we have it, how do we manage to keep it?

Glad you asked, for within the pages of this book you will:

• Identify the lies you have at your core and how they’ve caused you to live short of your destiny.
• Trade the lies for truth and anxiety for peace using the practical guides and worksheet.
• Be encouraged with powerful, real-life testimonies of transformation that will inspire you to believe freedom is possible.
• Live protected from, and victorious over every new attack of the enemy.
• Transmit a legacy of Truth to every person birthed into your lineage.

You were born to be a Tree of Light

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