A Cobbled Path

A Cobbled Path


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A Cobbled Path is Erina Booker's eighth collection of poems. Erina has focused her finely-tuned artist's eye on everything from the mercurial nature of love, to the existential questions of loss, loneliness, and grief, and many things between. The contents are well-balanced.
All aspects of nature suffuse the collection, at times bringing a warm sensuality to Erina's writing. As sensual as D. H. Lawrence's instructions on eating figs, 'Peaches and Plums' ends:

the peach
of morning comes
golden and
globular, take it
in your hands, all
its secret sacraments
slice twist
remove the stone
eat it whole.

On a different note, 'Grief' begins:

Grief is like a grey-winged bird
Huddled down against the snow

'These are examples of the depth of metaphor Erina uses to draw you in. Like all good poetry, her poems invite several reads to soak in the layers of meaning and feeling that she explores.

The collection ends with the section 'Geological Sequence', comprising the eight-sectioned poem 'Quaternary'. This is a significant work worthy of its own slim volume. Layers of rock become our own layers of being, brought together in the person of 'the geologist', who sees the 'Jurassic, Triassic, and Ordovician' as his family tree, with the intricacies of topography as being precious and intimate.

A Cobbled Path is a must-read. Erina's phrasing and rhythm lift every poem right off the page.'

- Philip Porter, Poet-in-residence and Convenor of the North Shore Poetry Project

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