Strange Animals Come Down to Drink

Strange Animals Come Down to Drink



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Strange Animals Come Down to Drink is a fast-moving, challenging, and yet humorous account of one man’s journey to connect commerce and consciousness, in the materialistic world of property investment banking. Over twenty-five years, from humble law firm origin to $150,000,000 net worth, the writer earned his black belt in moneymaking as a dealmaker and trusted steward of investor capital. In a cataclysmic fall from grace, precipitated by an illegal raid of his trustee company by twenty-eight ASIC officers—including armed federal police—he was banished to the commercial wilderness.

Share the writer’s experience of creating inordinate wealth, followed by the kaleidoscope of emotions that comes from losing your entire net worth, business, marriage, reputation, and self-image in one year. On a commercial road-less-travelled, he navigates shock, anger, self-doubt, and victimisation. Connecting a passion for commerce with his search for the deeper meaning of life, he learns to embrace the divinity in the negative. In doing so, he ‘cracks the code’ to a simple algorithm of wealth that underpins the banking system.

Learn why the centralised control of capital is purposefully undemocratic, and anathema to community freedom. In a clarion call to business leaders, shrewd investors, and politicians, a financier’s experience of corporate brutality can springboard a revolution and create Australia’s Fifth Pillar—the People's Investment Bank.

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