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A reclusive artist on the verge of fame and fortune after a successful exhibition, wakes to find he is alone in a post-apocalyptic, hibernating world.
Disillusioned with his agent’s acquisitive behaviour, and nothing relevant in his new reality, he struggles with lack of motivation and questions the worth of art.
Bathed in unearthly red dust, his surroundings appear eerie and confusing. The absence of animated life intensifies his unease.
Frustrated by his lack of knowledge of practicalities and basic survival techniques, when a super cell cyclone hits, it leaves him at the mercy of the elements.
His skills, morals and ethics are sorely tested, and he sinks into a morass of confusion and self-indulgence.
When not fighting predators waking before their prey, he again questions his existence, purpose of life, and obsession with art.
A reawakening of motives, an emerging sense of awareness and responsibility sees him formulate a plan to revive the population.
Is he the only conscious person on the planet?
Will the hibernating masses die without nourishment. Can he save them? Can he save humanity?
The task seems insurmountable as he is forced to reassess his motivations. Science was always his nemesis. Amongst introspective reflection on relationships and exploration of obscure geological facts, new dangers emerge, forcing Drew, against his inclinations, to turn to science for solutions.


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Reinhilde Cameron
An unusual book but intriguing in a unique way

Weaving a personal philosophy into an exciting story, the author has ridiculed modern art and value while appreciating the need for it. He attempts to justify art when science becomes the only solution to the crazy circumstances of an apocalyptic world. Accolades he receives for his art only make him question its value even more when faced with the reality of life threatening events over which he has only superficial influence. In the course of a psychological personality change from the pursuit of beauty to the rigors of scientific Investigation, he delves into his own morality and relationships to discover what really matters to humanity. This book made me question my own ethics and understanding of what makes society tick.
I recommend it as an essential read.

Brigitte Prince
A Must Read!

More than a good story, ‘Penninsula’ is innovative, intriguing and deep and very elegantly written. Intricate details on many subjects broadened my knowledge of art, science and metaphysics and what a great learning environment an exciting story makes!
The vivid (occasionally horrific) imagery meant I sometimes had to stop to fetch a glass of water to calm my racing pulse but I did love the page turning, suspenseful chapter endings
The story engendered strong emotions and had mine swinging between hope and fear, anxiety and relief and I appreciated the unexpected twists and surprises. I also enjoyed references to Classic literature juxtaposed with quantum physics.
The strange events so eloquently described and their possible causes seem like science fiction but even elementary research on my part, revealed that this is not just fiction, but, according to scientists, could indeed happen, making this a chillingly, thrilling read.
Don’t rush through this book; there is so much to savour and appreciate from the eloquent and elegant language through the exploration of relationships and moral dilemmas to leading you to question mass acceptance of our way of life. A must read.