Jazzy The One-Eyed Pup
Jazzy The One-Eyed Pup

Jazzy The One-Eyed Pup


Moira Christensen

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Jazzy is a little a little bundle of fluff, a Maltese puppy, born with only one eye.  She wove her way into the hearts of the Christie family and found her “forever” home.
This story follows the adventures of Jazzy. It embeds the theme that even though she has one eye, she can do everything a regular pup can do.
You will fall in love with this little bundle of fun.
She has many adventures, starting out when Grandma Christie makes scones for her Grandchildren.
This book includes the recipe for scones, so you can have some adventures of your own.

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Size: 216mm x 216mm
20 pages
Saddle Stitch