Emotional Healing With Essential Oils

Emotional Healing With Essential Oils


Trish Nash

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Join author Trish Nash on a personal journey through the conscious and subconscious mind to discover the inner workings of your true self by peeling back the layers of false illusion. Emotional Healing with Essential Oils is a practical step by step guide designed to offer easy strategies, tips, and encouragement for your personal journey. Uncover how life scripts and self-beliefs profoundly influence your behaviours in every aspect of your lives. These strategies can assist you in breaking free from the chains of self-deception to discover a life filled with happiness and abundance.

Trish’s personal life experiences, intuition, and educational background has enabled her to take an objective look at human behaviours and our thought processes. By understanding and questioning your behaviours, you will have the power to determine your reality. What you choose to focus on will manifest in your life, whether it be negative or positive. What do you choose?

Start by being honest and asking yourself, ‘Who am I?’ Discover yourself, not the pretend mask you wear for the outside world, but your true self, your inner child. Your self-beliefs determine the type of behaviours you accept from others and has a direct correlation with your self-worth. Only by acknowledging and accepting your true self will you gain the ability to open your heart to love yourself and others in a healthy way.


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