The Hall

The Hall


Michael Toumazou

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This is a story about bedtime… but this is no bedtime story.

Years have since passed, and though I may have tried to forget, I can still see him there… waiting for me behind that wooden door. I'm scared of that man, and you should be too.

And he was not the only thing lurking in that haunted place. Shadows would move and old photographs would come to life with mind-bending malevolence. Walls once straight would suddenly be twisted and noises in the house were terrifying.

So are you brave enough to go back there with me? Step inside, and just maybe we'll learn that there really isn't anything to fear. Maybe there are no ghosts in the night. And maybe that strange sound is just the wind after all.

Or maybe there really is something dreadful at the end of The Hall.

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Format: Saddle-stitch
Dimensions: A4 landscape
Pages: 32 pgs

Printed & Published by InHouse Publishing