The Company He Keeps
The Company He Keeps

The Company He Keeps


Janice McClennan

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Jane is a university educated woman, married to Richard, a loving and supportive husband. She is the mother of a scathingly intelligent son Zachary and an equally bright, sensitive daughter Rebecca. After the organisation that Richard works for restructures, he loses his office with its sweeping view. Believing his job is in jeopardy, when headhunted for a position as CEO, he persuades the family to change countries in order to take the position.

Jane must now deal with the move, her new role as corporate wife of an ever-changing husband and teenagers who are deeply affected by the new lifestyle.

This is a warm, funny and brutally honest novel about the balance of work and family. It tackles unexplored, intimate issues and offers new insights into the corporate world from a female perspective. It also forces us to face the impact that political positions and economic policies have on good people.   

Janice McClennan’s debut novel, The Company He Keeps, brilliantly re-invents ‘the personal is the political’ in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis. Asking searching questions of a society in which the profit motive rules, this book tells it like it is. With an unflinching eye, a finely tuned woman’s sensibility, and exquisite turns of phrase, McClennan writes about what really matters.
Associate Professor Patrick West, PhD
Deakin University
Original and beautifully crafted, The Company He Keeps provides perceptive reflections on a dark moment of Australian social history which has had far ranging and lasting effects. Compelling and essential reading.
Professor Donna Lee Brien, PhD
Central Queensland University

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