Richard's Story: Memoir of a Mallee Boy
Richard's Story: Memoir of a Mallee Boy

Richard's Story: Memoir of a Mallee Boy


Richard Laurance Newland

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Roaming the wild Mallee country with his brother, the freedom afforded the young Richard nurtured a strong sense of self-reliance.

As an adolescent, he roamed the rough tough streets of St Kilda, Melbourne, with a gang of larrikins called the Balaclava Mob. That was the Bodgys and Widgys era! A group of police was formed to keep gangs like the Balaclava Mob and their mortal enemies, the Tarax Mob, under control.

As an adult, Richard established his construction business and brought up his family in Wagga Wagga. He was targeted by the powerful Building Workers Industrial Union; a forerunner of the notorious CMFEU. Black banned by the union, increasingly isolated and abandoned by his local State LMP Member, the state Trade Practices Commission, and, deeply wounding of all, by his own trade association, of which he was the local branch president, Richard faced bankruptcy, the loss of his home, and all his assets.

Then tragedy struck, with the death of his wife Shirley after thirty-seven years of marriage. Frantically working long hours, seven days a week, for over a year in order not to think, Richard became exhausted and, finally facing his loss, fell into a deep depression.

His recovery and the story of how he was truly blessed in finding the second love of his life enfolds in this enthralling memoir. Richard’s Story reveals the resilience of the human spirit and the courage to take the road less travelled and to soldier on.


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