First Time Father

First Time Father


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If you are about to become a father for the very first time, or you know a bloke who's about to become a dad, then this book is a must as he starts his journey into fatherhood. In fact every single new dad needs a copy of "First Time Father".This book gives new dads the chance to read, reflect and record the the ride that is becoming a daddy.

To be honest, your pregnancy isn't really about him at all, it's all about you, so enjoy this moment. But, there isn't much out there when it comes to gifts for First time Fathers, no presents, books or even commemorative cufflinks. Until now!

Give him this book, and a new pen, so he'll have no excuses. Tell him you'd like him to read it, and fill in the blank bits as a keep sake for your kids. That's exactly what this book is intended for. A chance for dads to remind themselves, share, express, vent, and capture the most exciting, scary, life changing moments you'll possibly ever share together. Good luck, and cut him some slack; he's just as scared as you are as he becomes a First Time Father.'

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