To Roar and Shake Mountains

To Roar and Shake Mountains


Jodie Broad

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If you heard a story about a gorilla who lives in a cave, high in the sky, above a big city – would you believe such a story?

Probably not, but you should – because it’s true.


To Roar and Shake Mountains is both a true and imagined tale of loneliness and hope.

In a busy city, at the top of a high rise shopping centre, is a very old zoo. A lonely female gorilla has been caged at this zoo for 30 years. Her name is Little Lotus and her concrete cage is like a cave with no grass, no trees, and no sunlight.

Every day is the same for Little Lotus.

Every day, visitors arrive at the zoo, take photos, and move on.


But one day, something new and exciting happened.

One day, a friendly visitor arrived at Little Lotus' cage.

A visitor who created a clever plan to help Little Lotus find a real home with other gorillas.

Will the idea work? Will Little Lotus ever live in the sunshine and have a family again?

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