The Magical Rainbow Inside You
The Magical Rainbow Inside You

The Magical Rainbow Inside You



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Playful Meditation For Kids: Book Series.

The Magical Rainbow Inside You is the first book published by the Playful Meditation For Kids publication series. A multi-learning resource created and published by cultural collaborator, professional artist and author, Roushini; to teach children about self-care and self-regulation from a younger age. 

Through guidance,  interaction and repetition,  children will learn:

  • 8 Simple & fun steps to self-care & self-regulation. 
  • To have clear understanding about self.
  • How to  meditate and become mindful.
  • To acknowledge and re-direct their  behaviour. 
  • About self-acceptance & how to embrace their positive qualities.
  • Express their emotions in appropriate manner.
  • Enhance literacy, numeracy & cultural learning.

Available Now:

In printed version,  ebook and ibook. Vision Australia Braille system.

Audio, Apps and Auslan system on DVD coming soon.

Workshops for teachers, educators,  parents including stalkholders working with children.  Tailored live presentation for: 3 -5 years including First Five Years library Program.    Prep - Y6 - During school, OSHC ( Holiday Program & After-school).  

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Format: Saddle-stitch
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Pages: 48 pgs