Gee Gee Bug and the Frog’s Chorus

Gee Gee Bug and the Frog’s Chorus


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George Garden Bug, Gee Gee for short, asks Professor Jay Tee Frogge about frog songs that he hears in his garden, especially in the early evening after it has been raining. It turns out that most of the frog songs are made by toads, but Gee Gee learns lots of things about how frogs and toads make their calls, even in different languages. Like did you know that in China frogs say guo-guo-guo while in Korea they say gae-gool gae-gool?

Gee Gee Bug and the Frog’s Chorus is an illustrated garden-based story that provides websites for further study and a story word search puzzle. All kids’ stories should have fun conversations and pictures – this story has both!

The author Dr Richard Whitlow is a keen native plant gardener and taught biogeography at tertiary level in a previous life. His doctorate was on soil erosion and conservation. Now he is a gardener and a house-husband. He has 2 kids, 2 grandkids, 2 cats and one wife.

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