Holy Crap! Where's My Super Gone?!: Self-Managed Super Made Simple

Holy Crap! Where's My Super Gone?!


Audrey Dawson

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Do you have a self-managed super fund, or are you thinking of investing in one, but think that all the technical jargon, red tape and ever- changing rules make it all too complicated so you just rely on what your financial planner and/or accountant tells you? Apart form your home your super fund is probably the most important investment you will ever make. Isn't that the best reason to want to take control?
Audrey Dawson gives you a practical, no nonsense view of self- managed super and provides information that makes sense and is easy to understand, giving you the confidence that comes with a strong base of knowledge.
Holy Crap! Where's My Super Gone?! is your handy little guide. It gives you the basics that enable you to ask the right questions and learn more about your fund so that you will never have to utter those words.
So, if taking control and enjoying your retirement to the fullest is what you want then, apart from your home and your SMSF, this book could be one of the best investments that you ever make.