Tara: Mature Aussie Lady

Tara: Mature Aussie Lady


Taylor Tara

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Book 1: The Beginning

Taylor Tara’s debut memoir uncovers the forbidden world of a mature Aussie sex worker with titillating candour. Discover the love, the laughter, and the tears as she takes you behind the scenes to meet the amazing men who are a part of her new world. She breaks the mould of your perceptions of sex work with personal insight into the controversial world of paid sex.

From steamy sex scenes to the vulnerable, the lonely, and the lost, Taylor Tara’s story details actual events from her roller-coaster ride of a career.


‘I've often used our meeting to get people to review their misconceptions about the sex industry, just as you helped me reassess mine.’
Rob Walls, Photojournalist

‘Couldn't put it down. An eye-opening look into a frowned-upon world, an amazing emotional journey. I loved it.’
Joan Balfour

‘Riveting, fun, and informative.’
Lydia Neisler

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