Reflections of Sandra

Reflections of Sandra


Michelle Heynen

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From a child’s first breath to a mother’s last.

A mother’s last breath can inevitably change us. Reflections of Sandra shows how closing that circle can be a celebration of an unbreakable bond. Through her death Sandra taught Michelle how to truly live life with purpose and meaning.

Reflections of Sandra strives to remind you to accept the death of a loved one, without rejecting him or her from your life. This book will touch, comfort, uplift, inspire and console anyone looking for hope.

Reflections of Sandra showcases the spirit of a mother’s daughter and determination to find the beauty, purpose and gift in life again.

About the Author

Michelle Heynen is an inspirational writer, healer, and author. Devoted to inspiring people to overcome their struggles, Michelle guides people to find the beauty, purpose, and gift in the darkness they have faced so they can find their faith in life again.

In her book Reflections of Sandra, Michelle tells the heart-wrenching story of supporting her mother through a losing battle with cancer. Sharing a real-life recount of the paralysing grief and personal challenges she faced before and after her mother died in early 2012, Michelle celebrates her mother’s life and legacy in every page of this deeply touching book. Reflections of Sandra inspires the reader to find the courage they need as Michelle reveals the wisdom and gift that was hidden inside her mother’s passing in the final chapters.

Having found the path to her future through her life experiences and a battle with self-worth, Michelle is now a tower of strength and courage as she expresses her heart and love for people in all that she does. Michelle coaches people to see the deeper meaning of death and find the meaning of being alive by guiding them to discover a purpose worth fighting for.

“In order to find my true self and purpose for being here on earth I had to hit rock bottom, and it became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life and found my guiding light.”

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