Demonocracy & Other Fishy Matters

Demonocracy & Other Fishy Matters


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The true story of the Queensland commercial fishing industry 1963–1982

Geoffrey Harrison, the first person appointed to take charge of all fisheries matters in Queensland tells his story.

Democracy in Queensland is not working. A politicised bureaucracy, combined with a tightly controlled party-political system helped along by cronyism, has ensured the perpetuation of demonocracy instead of democracy.

“Queensland Fisheries would have been better off today if the Government had acted on his professional advice. To those who have an interest in Fishery Management, it is a worthwhile read.”
Hon. Mike Ahern AO
Former Queensland Premier

“He was scientifically miles ahead. I was forced to show some interest when I discovered that there was a bitter war of denigration being waged against him.”
Sir Thomas Hiley
Former Queensland Treasurer

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