Autism on the Frontline

Autism on the Frontline


Heather Golding

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“I tried to understand Matthew’s world because he sure as hell couldn’t understand ours!”

Most parents are fortunate to actually hit the jackpot and score for themselves a perfect ten out of ten with the birth of a healthy baby—both physically and developmentally. I guess they are the lucky ones who only have to learn the hard task of parenting rather than the additional and much harder tasks of parenting either a physically or developmentally impaired child.

It felt almost like being in a foreign world littered with landmines; like being on the frontline, only this unseen enemy was hidden inside Matthew and known only as autism. Thus I always found myself treading carefully, trying not to accidentally step on any of those emotional landmines, which might explode.

A mother, who has literally experienced this—from the frontline—could only truly write this book. I am this mother. A survivor of the battlefield and the bewilderment of autism.

“Although ‘a long and bumpy road of life with a child with autism’, the book reveals much about Heather’s true character. A mother’s story, through Heather’s loving, caring eyes. Eyes that are sometimes fearful, confused and often exhausted. But eyes that thankfully are full of perseverance and hope for her wonderful son.”

The Honourable Margaret Keech
Member for Albert 2001-2012
Minister for Tourism and other portfolios 2004-2009
Former Member of Parliament for Albert, Queensland


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